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The Global Handbook isn't just a bound paper volume. Many other products have grown out of its expertise, including:

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Print Editions: A limited number of print copies of the Global Handbook and the "Do you know your family planning choices?" Wall Chart can be provided for counselors or trainers in developing countries who need them. Please contact us with requests, explaining the intended use. Please note that the print versions of both the Handbook and the Wall Chart are offered in English, French, and Spanish; several other languages are available as downloads.

Downloads: The Downloads section displays all available downloads, including the entire Handbook and individual chapters, the Wall Chart, and job aids. You can filter your choices by language and type. Most downloads are availble in both .doc and .pdf format. To open .pdf files you will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

Translations: The Translations section displays only those downloads in languages other than English. Both the Global Handbook and the Wall Chart are available in French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili. The Handbook is also available in Romanian, Hindi, and Farsi, and the Wall Chart in Chichewa and Tajik.

Wall Chart: The Wall Chart section displays only the "Do you know your contraceptive choices?" Wall Chart in several languages (.pdf only).

Digital Versions:

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