Counseling Clients With Fertility Problems

Counsel both partners together, if possible. Men often blame women for infertility when they themselves might be responsible. Tell couples:

  • A man is just as likely to have fertility problems as a woman. It may not be possible to find who is infertile and what caused the infertility.
  • Try for pregnancy for at least 12 months before worrying about infertility.
  • The most fertile time of a woman's cycle is several days before and at the time an egg is released from the ovary (see The Menstrual Cycle). Suggest they have sex often during this time. Fertility awareness methods can help couples identify the most fertile time of each cycle (see Fertility Awareness Methods). Teach or refer if the couple wants to try this.
  • If after one year the suggestions above have not helped, refer both partners for evaluation, if available. The couple also may want to consider adoption.
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