Giving Emergency Contraceptive Pills

1. Give pills
  • She can take them at once.
  • If she is using a 2-dose regimen, tell her to take the next dose in 12 hours.
2. Describe the most common side effects
  • Nausea, abdominal pain, possibly others.
  • Slight bleeding or change in timing of monthly bleeding.
  • Side effects are not signs of illness.
3. Explain what to do about side effects
  • Nausea:
    • Routine use of anti-nausea medications is not recommended.
    • Women who have had nausea with previous ECP use or with the first dose of a 2-dose regimen can take anti-nausea medication such as 50 mg meclizine (Agyrax, Antivert, Bonine, Postafene) one-half to one hour before taking ECPs.
  • Vomiting:
    • If the woman vomits within 2 hours after taking ECPs, she should take another dose. (She can use anti-nausea medication with this repeat dose, as above.) If vomiting continues, she can take the repeat dose by placing the pills high in her vagina. If vomiting occurs more than 2 hours after taking ECPs, she does not need to take any extra pills.
4. Give more ECPs and help her start an ongoing method

"Come Back Any Time": Reasons to Return

No routine return visit is required. Assure every client that she is welcome to come back any time, however, and also if:

  • She thinks she might be pregnant, especially if she has no monthly bleeding or her next monthly bleeding is delayed by more than one week.
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