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  • Help your family planning clients choose the right contraceptive method. The ACE mobile app (Application for Contraceptive Eligibility) is now available for free for Android phones. The app is based on the latest guidance from the World Health Organization's Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use.

    • 500,000 copies of the Global Handbook have been distributed since 2007, in addition to the 1 million copies of the previous version, Essentials of Contraceptive Technology.
    • At the 2011 International Conference on Family Planning, we received orders for more than 24,000 copies of the Handbook in just four days.
  • The Global Handbook is used by health workers, counselors, and trainers all over the world—so we don't assume everyone has instant, reliable Internet access. The Handbook is available online, in print, and as digital downloads for mobile devices. There's even a mobile app for selecting contraceptive methods.

  • Both the Global Handbook and the Wall Chart are available as downloads in English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili. The Handbook is also available in Romanian, Hindi, and Farsi, and the Wall Chart in Chichewa and Tajik. All of these are offered on our Translations page.

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Developed collaboratively for clinic-based healthcare providers in developing countries, the Global Handbook offers the latest guidance on providing contraceptive methods. This site offers products related to the book in onscreen and downloadable formats.


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