Preventing Infertility

Infertility is often preventable. Providers can:

Contraceptives Do Not Cause Infertility
  • With most contraceptive methods, there is no delay in the return of fertility after use is stopped. The return of fertility after injectable contraceptives are stopped usually takes longer than with most other methods (see Progestin-Only Injectables, Questions 6 and 7, and Monthly Injectables, Questions 10 and 11). In time, however, women who have used injectables are as fertile as they were before using the method, taking aging into account.
  • Among women with current gonorrhea or chlamydia, IUD insertion slightly increases the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease in the first 20 days after insertion. Still, research has not found that former IUD users are more likely to be infertile than other women (see Copper-Bearing IUD, Question 4).
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