Family Planning

A Global Handbook for Providers

offers clinic-based health care professionals in low- and middle-income countries the latest guidance on providing contraceptive methods.

500,000 copies distributed since 2007

12 languages

147 collaborating and supporting organizations

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Welcome to the new!

To reflect the latest expertise from the World Health Organization, we're delighted to introduce this upgrade to the website for Family Planning: A Global Handbook for Providers. Individual chapter downloads are still being modified. At present, kindly rely on the full downloadable version of the 2018 edition of the HandbookAnother announcement will appear here when the individual chapters are ready.

In addition to updated content, you'll find many changes to the website's appearance and navigation, based on years of feedback from site visitors:

  • More intuitive navigation simplifies access to the online book, related products, and translations/downloads
  • More responsive display works better on more types of mobile devices
  • Larger onscreen font and improved graphic design for easier reading
  • Improved chapter-by-chapter download capability
  • Built-in support for translated content

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Do You Know Your Family Planning Choices? has been translated into eight languages, and more than 1 million copies have been distributed worldwide.